Research interests:

  • Coastal adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and resilience
  • Displacement and relocation
  • Risk communication
  • Development of decision support tools
  • Environmental planning and policy


My research focuses on coastal adaptation and resilience. More specifically, I am interested whether relocation can serve and under what conditions as a workable adaptation strategy and practical solution to sea-level rise in coastal communities, as well as what opportunities could emerge from this process. My research interests also include:

• Adaptation of coastal land use and development patterns to climate change;
• Climate change impacts on coastal migration dynamic and displacement;
• Development of policy and planning mechanisms to improve relocation planning;
• Utilization of conceptual models, decision support tools, and mapping to inform relocation process; and
• Potential of different adaptation strategies to foster resilience, promote sustainability, and ensure regional and national security.

A successful coastal adaptation to accelerated flooding can be achieved only by a holistic and comprehensive integration of existing knowledge and experiences from many different disciplines such as, for example, sustainable development, environmental and community planning, and natural disaster management. Similarly, in the recent report on future strategies and priorities for social, behavioral, and economic sciences, the National Science Foundation states “future research will be interdisciplinary, data-intensive, and collaborative”. This statement has become the guiding principle of my research efforts that are inherently interdisciplinary and multidimensional: revolving around climate change adaptation, coastal risks and resilience, and relocation—all highly complex and multilayered challenges that call for a truly interdisciplinary learning and problem solving.


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